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Credit Terms and Services


1. In applying for credit with Grant Chugg Plumbing Pty Ltd, I/we (the Customer) acknowledge that

any credit (the credit facility) granted following this application will be subject to the terms and

conditions stated in this application or as subsequently varied by Grant Chugg Plumbing at its

discretion and notified to the Customer.


2. Payment terms are “Net 7 Days”, payment being due within 7 days from the date of invoice unless

alternative terms are agreed upon by Grant Chugg Plumbing in writing.


3. Any credit limit approved by Grant Chugg Plumbing and advised to the Customer must not be

exceeded. Grant Chugg Plumbing periodically reviews its credit limits. The Customer agrees that

Grant Chugg Plumbing may review and revise the Customer’s credit limit at any time. Grant Chugg

Plumbing may increase or reduce the Customer’s credit limit at the Customer’s request. Grant Chugg

Plumbing may also reduce the Customer’s credit limit without request, but Grant Chugg Plumbing

will not reduce the Customer’s credit limit below the outstanding balance on the account at the time

of the reduction without prior communication with the Customer.


4. Grant Chugg Plumbing reserves the right to pursue collection of outstanding amounts. Related

costs including but not limited to external collection agent fees, legal and court costs may be added

to the outstanding amount owed under the credit facility.


5. Grant Chugg Plumbing may at any time set-off amounts owed by Grant Chugg Plumbing to the

Customer from the amounts owed by the Customer to Grant Chugg Plumbing. Grant Chugg

Plumbing will apply payments against the outstanding amounts in the order in which they were



6. The Customer indemnifies and holds harmless Grant Chugg Plumbing and its officers, employees

and agents from and against all actions, claims, proceedings or demands which may be brought or

made against it or them or any of them in respect of any loss, injury, or damage arising out of any

breach of these terms and conditions by the Customer or any negligent act or omission by the

Customer and from and against all damages, costs and expenses incurred in defending or settling

any action, claim, proceeding or demand arising from such breach, act or omission.


7. The Customer accepts and acknowledges that Grant Chugg Plumbing may disclose information

disclosed in the course of this credit application to a credit reporting agency.


8. The Customer agrees to Grant Chugg Plumbing obtaining personal information from any credit

reporting agency or a credit provider for the purpose of assessing any application submitted by or on

behalf of the Customer for commercial credit (including information as to creditworthiness); and

agrees to that agency or provider providing that information to Grant Chugg Plumbing for that



9. The Customer agrees to Grant Chugg Plumbing obtaining from, and provision by, any such credit

reporting agency or credit provider further credit reports, which may assist Grant Chugg Plumbing in

recovering any sums outstanding under the terms of the credit facility to which this application may



10. Grant Chugg Plumbing is not liable for any costs incurred in the completing of this form. The

Customer is responsible for any stamp duty or other government charges levied on or in connection

with this application or any associated credit facility or guarantee.


11. The Customer agrees that it is the responsibility of the Customer to advise Grant Chugg Plumbing

of any change of address or contact information in writing within a timely manner and no later than

30 days from the date that the change is effective.


12. In the event of a dispute regarding an outstanding amount:

(a) the Customer agrees that the dispute will be dealt with as follows:

(i) the Customer will give Grant Chugg Plumbing a written notice setting out the amount and

full particulars of the dispute, including the reasons the Customer disputes the amount, and

the contact details of a nominated representative with authority to settle the dispute on

behalf of the Customer;

(ii) the Customer’s representative and Grant Chugg Plumbing will try to settle the dispute by

direct negotiation between them;

(iii) the parties will attempt to achieve a speedy resolution; and

(iv) if the parties have been unable to settle the dispute within 28 days either party may

commence legal proceedings

(b) the Customer will remain liable for the amount and full payment of all invoices are required by

the due date (unless Grant Chugg Plumbing otherwise consents in writing); and

(c) this clause does not apply to:

(i) legal proceedings by either party seeking urgent interlocutory relief; or

(ii) any action by Grant Chugg Plumbing under clauses 16 to 22.

13. Grant Chugg Plumbing may request the Customer to provide general purpose financial reports

and other financial information for the assessment of this credit application.



14. If the Customer is a body corporate, Grant Chugg Plumbing may at any time before or during the

operation of the credit facility require one or more of the Customer’s directors and/or officers to

guarantee repayment of the credit facility. If a director/officer who has provided such a guarantee

vacates their office, the Customer must notify Grant Chugg Plumbing in writing within 14 days.



15. Except as required by law, Grant Chugg Plumbing will only use or disclose the Customer’s

personal information as necessary for the assessment and administration of the credit facility – for

example, to accounts receivables staff or to external auditors.



16. In the event that full payment is not received by the due date the credit facility may be

suspended or cancelled without notice. Reinstatement of credit terms after any suspension will be at

the discretion of Grant Chugg Plumbing.

17. The Customer acknowledges that Grant Chugg Plumbing may suspend or terminate the credit

facility immediately (with or without written notice), if the Customer:

(a) obtains credit by fraud, dishonesty or omission; or

(b) allows the amount of a monthly statement to remain unpaid for more than 30 days from its due

date; or

(c) breaches any of these terms and conditions; or

(d) being an individual, commits an act of bankruptcy; or

(e) being a body corporate, becomes externally administered; or if:

(f) Grant Chugg Plumbing believes that the continued use of the credit facility may cause loss or

damage to the Customer or Grant Chugg Plumbing; or

(g) in the opinion of Grant Chugg Plumbing any change in circumstances, including, without

limitation, changes in the Customer’s constitution, ownership, membership, control status or ability

to provide security for payment of amounts which have or are likely to be charged to the credit

facility, makes the continuance of the application undesirable or unsatisfactory; or

(h) where one or more persons guarantee the Customer’s obligations under the credit facility – that

person or those persons withdraws his, her or their guarantee.


18. Subject to any relevant legislative requirement, in the event the Customer breaches any of these

terms and conditions, Grant Chugg Plumbing reserves the right to notify credit reporting agencies of

that breach. The Customer acknowledges that any damages suffered by the Customer as a result of

the listing is solely the Customer’s responsibility and holds Grant Chugg Plumbing and its officers,

employees and agents safe from claim in respect of any damages.


19. If the credit facility is suspended or cancelled then Grant Chugg Plumbing may require immediate

payment of all outstanding amounts. Suspension or cancellation does not affect any of the

Customer’s obligations in respect of the credit facility.


20. The Customer must pay to Grant Chugg Plumbing all amounts reasonably incurred or expended

by Grant Chugg Plumbing in exercising its rights as a result of a breach of these terms and conditions

by the Customer or as a result of any circumstance referred to in clause 17.



21. Grant Chugg Plumbing may vary these terms and conditions with respect to future transactions

between Grant Chugg Plumbing and the Customer:

(a) by agreement between Grant Chugg Plumbing and the Customer; or

(b) by Grant Chugg Plumbing giving to the Customer not less than 21 days’ prior written notice

specifying the variation and the date on which the variation becomes effective.

22. Notice of the variation under this clause need not be sent separately and may be sent with the

Customer’s statement of account or as part of any other correspondence.

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