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Grant Chugg Plumbing supports our local community through donations and sponsorship.  

Grant Chugg Plumbing Proudly Supports Villages of Life

Grant’s journey on how he became involved with Villages of Life:


It all began with a simple resolution, made on a New Year’s Eve in 2016. I decided that I would start saying “Yes” to life’s opportunities and adventures instead of defaulting to “maybe” or “someday.” After all, life is short, and opportunities have a way of slipping away if we hesitate for too long.


On the very next day, a friend approached me with a rather unexpected proposition – to join a group of individuals on a journey to a place called Burundi. Burundi, a name I had never heard before, was a country shrouded in mystery for most people, myself included. Without hesitation, I found myself saying… “Yes.”


Following my impromptu commitment, I began delving into the enigma that was Burundi. What I discovered left me astonished – a land of lush green hills, abundant water, and surprising poverty. It seemed paradoxical that a place with such fertile ground, plenty of water, and sunshine could be plagued by extreme poverty, including starvation.


My first visit to Burundi in 2017 shed light on a significant issue – there was a disconnect between the availability of water and its utilization for irrigation. Crops were failing due to a lack of proper irrigation systems, despite the presence of nearby water sources. That’s when I, along with a dedicated team, embarked on a mission to build Burundi’s very first irrigation system. It wasn’t a grandiose endeavour, just a basic setup involving a fire pump and some heavy droplet sprinklers on simple star pickets. Yet, witnessing the joy on the faces of grown men running under those sprinklers, relishing the simple pleasure of water, was an unforgettable moment. It was an experience that illuminated my life’s purpose and became the driving force behind both my personal and business endeavour’s.


All this, simply because I dared to say “Yes.”


Villages of Life embodies this spirit of seizing opportunities and making a difference. Our mission is twofold: to raise awareness and funds to construct schools. Education is the cornerstone for countries like Burundi, which require a “Hand up” rather than a “Hand Out.” Through education, they can achieve the transformative change they so desperately need.


Our vision at Villages of Life is to build 20 schools within the next 10 years. Currently, our efforts extend not only to Burundi but also to Rwanda, with plans to expand to Kenya, Zimbabwe, and Uganda in the near future.


GCP stands firmly behind Villages of Life, knowing that the funds we contribute go directly to these life-changing projects, especially in the realm of education.


If you, too, wish to be part of this transformative change, we invite you to join us on this remarkable journey. Your donation will play a vital role in building a brighter future through education. Together, we can make a profound difference. Please consider contributing https://wra.org.au/1435vol.

Thank you for your support and for being a part of the change we are striving to create.

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