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Blocked Drains? Leaking Taps? All Plumbing Repairs & Maintenance.

From leaking toilets and other water leaks, shower repairs, hot water cylinder replacement (electric, solar, or gas) to large commercial projects, we are equipped and knowledgeable to give you the best service and advice to get the job done quickly and professionally.

Are you looking for a reputable plumber for your next plumbing job?

We have a large team of plumbers who listen to your needs.  They are great at communicating with you about all aspects of your job and will find solutions to each challenge that is encountered.  From replacing that annoying tap washer to general plumbing repairs we make sure each job is done right the first time.

Our teams and equipment are large enough to look after your sewer drains and water mains.  We can handle all small and large residential and commercial projects.  Our team of professional and reputable specialists will make sure your job is a job they can be proud of.

Maintenance Plumbing

It’s constantly better to avoid a plumbing emergency as a result of blocked drains.  Look out for the indication of a sluggish drain.  Is the water starting to drain slowly from the bath or pooling at the bottom of the shower?  It’s much simpler to clear a clogged drain than one that is blocked off completely.  Give us a call if you need someone to clean and maintain your drains for you.

Call us if you have a toilet that is continually leaking or if you have an unusual odour coming from your drains.  We will send an accredited and knowledgeable expert to work out the problem and deliver the solutions.

Hot Water Heating

Your hot water cylinder can last years longer than expected if you keep it maintained.  Replacing the anode is a key maintenance job that saves getting a new hot water heater in the short term.  Give us a call to book in your hot water heater inspection.

Are you looking to invest in a new kind of hot water heating?  We would love to help you choose the best system for your individual circumstances. Find out about all the newer technology with solar power and heat pump hot water.  See more information about our hot water solutions here.

Saniflo Pumps

Saniflo pump systems have changed the way we can use basement areas of our homes.  We can now install washing machines, sinks, toilets and showers into those areas that were previously “no go” for plumbing due to drainage problems.  Now it’s no problem to have your laundry below ground level.

Do you want a sink in your garage, man cave, bar, or outdoor BBQ area?  We can do it!  Contact us for details.

Replacing Pipes and Hardware

Do you want your taps and hardware replaced?  Are you ready to update your home with new and modern tapware and accessories?  We can share our expert knowledge with you regarding different kinds of taps & accessories.

Sometimes there is a need to update the plumbing for the whole house.  Sometimes it is just the bathroom, kitchen or the laundry that needs new pipes and fixtures.  We can discuss with you the options of how this can be done and deliver the most efficient solution for your individual circumstances.

Programmed Maintenance

The ability of your home or business to run efficiently is often a direct result of how well it’s being maintained.  

Grant Chugg Plumbing has been providing programmed maintenance services for many leading businesses and government operations for decades.  

We help design maintenance programs and schedules to keep your business or home running.



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