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Tasmanian Installation for Solar Hot Water Systems

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Solar Hot Water Systems

One of the world’s earliest solar technologies is hot water heating. It is simple and efficient. It comes in many shapes and sizes with various setups for different needs. Solar hot water heaters collect UV rays from the sun to heat water.

Innovation has advanced quickly over the last few years with different systems for different circumstances. The options for supplementing the system when there is not enough solar energy available are more technologically advanced than previously. With the option of having an electric, gas, or wood heater back up source so there is plenty of hot water available. The backup is supplementary, making sure the supply of hot water is maintained when there is insufficient UV to heat the water.

Solar hot water heating is a very cost-effective solution and reduces ongoing energy costs. It also greatly reduces the impact on the environment.

Heat Pump Hot Water Systems (Solar)

Heat pump hot water systems are classed as a solar hot water system as they draw heat from the air. One benefit with this kind of unit is that it doesn’t require anything on the roof which in turn makes installation cheaper. It has an external unit, similar to a reverse cycle heat pump that is placed outside the house and is accompanied by a hot water cylinder which can be installed outside or inside the home.

Solar Hot Water Rebates

Government rebates are available for solar hot water. When we supply and install a solar hot water system we deduct the rebates from the price that you pay and take care of the paperwork for you. This means that you are able to get your system for the best price as easily and stress free as possible.

Cost Savings of Solar Hot Water

Using solar energy for your essential hot water is now much easier and more affordable than ever.  However there are some points that you will certainly want to consider regarding setting up a solar hot water system in your home.  Talk to us for assistance in choosing the best system for you to maximize your savings in your day to day living costs.  The size of your system will depend on family hot water consumption and storage space capability.  It is necessary to determine the demands for your home to identify the appropriate solar hot water system.

This heating method can be an excellent long-term financial investment in energy cost savings and sustainability.  It is budget friendly and provides a higher energy output for the cost of the investment than any other form of renewable energy for your house.  This is due to constant technological advances.  It also adds significant value to your home when the time comes to sell.

Solar Systems Installed

Here at GCP – Grant Chugg Plumbing we supply and install a vast range of solar hot water systems. We can provide an appraisal of your property to determine the best solution that will suit your needs. The hot water cylinder can be located on the roof, outside on the ground, or inside your home.

The Smart Living Centre

The Smart Living Centre is brought to you by Grant Chugg Plumbing and is home to all the below products and services that we can assist you with. Call or visit us today to see about the smart solutions we can install in your home for energy efficiency and lower cost living. We can turn your home improvement and renovation ideas into reality and help you save on your future energy costs.

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