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Gas Hot Water System and Gas Heating Supply, All Gas Fitting Repairs & Maintenance

Contact us with all your gas queries. We have professional and fully accredited gas fitters that are knowledgeable and experienced to get you the best result for all your gas needs.

Gas Fitting & Repairs

Do you have LPG or natural gas connected to your home for heating or cooking? Are you interested in having gas connected to your home?

The dedicated team at Grant Chugg Plumbing services can supply, install and maintain all your gas appliances.

Any issues you have with existing gas lines need to be fixed by a plumber who has the correct qualifications and licenses to work with gas. Natural gas & LPG are both transferred to an appliance by a plumbing network.

When it comes to installing and servicing gas lines be sure to use a licensed professional with a plumbing permit. It is not legal for the home handyman to fix gas issues and it can result in many complications.

Gas Installations, Repairs & Maintenance

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Gas Hot Water

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Commercial Grade Installations

Advantages of Gas

Choosing natural gas or LPG means you’re choosing an environmentally responsible fuel source and are committed to your family’s comfort. Water heats quicker, clothes dry faster, and your home is cosy with gas appliances.

It is well known that a gas cooktop is superior to an electric cooktop. A high percentage of those that have used gas for cooking would choose it over electricity any day. Gas can also be used to fuel gas fireplaces to heat your home. Gas water heaters are very efficient. If the power goes out, you can still cook your dinner, heat your water and have a warm home.

Because it is more efficient at heating gas usually costs less and is often faster.

Gas Hot Water

There are several hot water heating methods that use gas as their fuel source.

Instantaneous gas hot water is very useful and can be the outstanding best option in certain applications. With instant gas hot water you don’t need to store hot water and there is not heat loss so it’s very efficient. When you’re not using it you don’t pay for it so this makes it perfect for people with low or intermittent usage when compared to other methods. There are options to have programmable temperatures so you just set the temperature for your shower and turn on the hot tap taking out the guesswork of getting the temperature just right.

A huge advantage of the instant gas hot water is that you don’t ever run out. Your supply is determined by the amount of gas you have and as it’s very efficient. It takes a lot of water to use up a lot of gas. This endless supply is great for growing families, high usage and commercial applications with high demand on hot water supply.

Another kind of gas hot water heating are gas hot water cylinders. They are very efficient and reliable. The unit will general sit outside your home which frees up space inside.

We can supply and install all brands of gas hot water cylinders Rinnai, Bosch, and Thermann taking the lead in popularity.

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