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Velux Skylights Launceston. Skylights For Every Home

In the construction industry, Velux is a by-word for quality. Designed to withstand the world’s harshest climate conditions,
Velux products are strong performers of the highest quality.

Velux, leaders in the field

Velux is considered the leader in their field. All Velux products meet strict Australian Standards, are designed to prevent heat transfer and have superior light transfer properties.

Velux Skylights Launceston

Velux skylights are available in Launceston through The Smart Living Centre.

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Bridestowe Lavender Estate saved by The Smart Living Centre VELUX

Lavender Farm Case Study

Bridestowe Lavender Estate is the world’s largest privately owned lavender farm – and one of Tasmania’s top tourist spots. But until recently the success had a downside: large visitor numbers made the heat almost unbearable on hot days. The owner Rober Ravens explains:

Visitors fainted
“The heat was so intense that we had visitors fainting. It didn’t do our products any good either. Heat, UV rays and intense artificial lighting caused products to deteriorate on the shelves. Luckily I knew how we could reduce  the heat, block the UV rays and provide natural light at the same time.”

Past experience
“I’ve used VELUX skylights in 3 houses before and I’ve always been delighted with the result. They solve all sorts of architectural problems: they bring light to dark areas, fresh air, a feeling of space…in our case VELUX was by far the best and most cost efficient solution.”

Air-con too expensive
“Our alternative to VELUX was air conditioning and of course we looked into it. But installing and running a system would be prohibitively expensive. With a constant flow of tourists in and out, the energy bill would be astronomical. It wouldn’t address our issues with UV rays and artificial lighting either.”

Click here to read the full report regarding this successful Tasmanian case study.

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