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With The Smart Living Centre and Kelvinator SolarKnight solar hot water systems you could be saving anywhere from 50-95%* on your energy bills!

SolarKnight solar hot water systems can be combined with gas or electric to provide a boost for your hot water systems when it’s just not sunny enough.

*In accordance with ORER registration data

How Do Solar Hot Water Collectors Work?

As water travels through copper channels it is heated by the sun and then returns to a tank. The water will continue to heat throughout the solar hot water system while there’s a lot of sunlight present, or until the hot water tank is full. In the event that the weather isn’t clear enough, electric or gas boosters kick in – ensuring you have enough hot water in any weather!

Flat Panels or Evacuated Tubes?

SolarKnight evacuated tubes are extremely efficient, frost resistant and they have minimal heat loss while also handling temperatures of -15°C, so they are a perfectly suited solar hot water system to Tasmania’s harsh climate! SolarKnight evacuated tubes are designed for use and recommended for all areas including frost-prone, alpine, or where the idea orientation of solar panels isn’t possible.

Expert Advice

When choosing the right solar hot water system for your household, you need to consider a few things such as:

  • Your local climate
  • The likelihood of frost
  • The orientation of your roof towards the sun
  • Local authority requirements

The Smart Living Centre’s solar hot water specialists can provide you with obligation free expert advice and help you choose the solar hot water system that’s perfectly suited to your home and lifestyle, be it gas or electric boosted.

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