Does your hot water system make you scream?! Are you sick of cold showers? Is your hot water on the fritz? Are the kids using all the hot water up? Or just want to save money on your hot water bill?

If your hot water system isn’t performing as it should be, there‚Äôs a range of possible reasons why.

  • You could have a faulty temperature pressure relief valve that’s releasing excessive amounts of water
  • There could be an interruption or problem with the hot water system power supply
  • Your hot water system may have a timer that’s not giving enough time to reheat
  • With a gas hot water system, there could be a defective pilot flame assembly
  • Or there could be a fault in the gas line
  • Or perhaps you’re using more water than you realise and have simply outgrown your current hot water system capacity, and it’s time for an upgrade

Here at the Smart Living Centre Launceston we have experts in solar, gas and electric hot water systems, ready to install a new system or repair your current hot water system.

Call us on (03) 6326 8780 or come and visit our Launceston showroom at 301 Invermay Rd, Invermay Launceston and speak with one of our expert hot water consultants. We can give you personalized service and advice on the hot water system to best suit your lifestyle. Be it electric, solar or gas hot water system our hot water experts will listen to your needs and help you make the Smart choice.

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