Sunshine not required (well not as much!)

Think you need constant sunny weather for an efficient solar hot water system?

Think again!

The SolarKnight Evacuated tube solar hot water systems are specifically designed for cooler climates and areas where direct sunlight is limited. The Smart Living Centre and Kelvinator SolarKnight offer a much more efficient way to heat your hot water thanks to the evacuated tube solar hot water system technology!

It gets freezing down here in Launceston during winter, but the SolarKnight evacuated tube solar hot water system can handle temperatures down to -15°C. They are suitable for all areas, including frost prone and alpine regions. They are also ideal for applications where good orientation or conditions cannot be gained for traditional solar panel installations.

They can also be used with either gas or electric boosted systems.

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How evacuated solar hot water works

Water is circulated through the evacuated tube solar hot water system using a copper U-shaped design. Sunlight passes through the evacuated tube solar hot water system and and is absorbed by the aluminium nitride selective surface inside which in turn transfers the heat to the water passing through the U tube. The vacuum in the tube minimises heat loss and protects from freezing in heavy frost or alpine areas, ensuring that the evacuated solar hot water system operates in freezing conditions.

Leading edge solar hot water technology

The Kelvinator SolarKnight evacuated tubes solar hot water system work from sunrise to sunset, with the reflector directing even diffused light to the centre of the tube maximising efficiency throughout the day in all weather conditions, even when we get weeks of cloud and rain down here in Launceston!

An environmentally sound solar hot water system

Thanks to the technology of the Kelvinator SolarKnight evacuated tubes solar hot water system you can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions while reducing your energy bills. The sun is the most economical energy source for heating water.

A solar hot water system at home in cold climates

Kelvinator SolarKnight evacuated tubes collect and retain heat easily, even when it’s chilly outside. The system is designed to work in low temperatures, down to -15°C.

Evacuated tubes solar hot water system installation overview

  • The Kelvinator SolarKnight evacuated tube systems provide better efficiency in frost-prone or Alpine areas
  • Panels are installed on a north-facing roof for optimum efficiency, however the direction the panels are facing is not as critical as for flat panels
  • Roof inclination should be between 10° and 30°
  • Flat roof stands are also available
  • You’ll need an area on your roof of at least 4m2 for 2 panels*
  • Tank is suitable for internal and external installation
  • Must be installed by an authorised installer

*Check actual dimensions of the collectors and space required
for connections and mounting kits to confirm suitability to your
particular installation.

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