Agfest 2015

Smart Advice at Agfest
A great two days so far at Agfest! Our expert staff has been really enjoying interacting and giving great advice at Agfest this year.  If you haven’t dropped in yet there’s still a chance to visit our Agfest site on Saturday and have a friendly chat with one of our Smart Living specialists on a range of topics and subjects such as gas and wood heating, solar hot water, Velux skylights, bathroom renovations or anything else related to  Smart Living.
Freezing Agfest Weather
The freezing weather out at Agfest is a reminder of just how cold the Launceston region’s winter can get, so take the opportunity to view some of our Jarrahdale wood heater range, or checkout our gas log heater display! (We don’t mind if you warm up in front of it!)
Solar Panels, Heat and Evacuated Tube Hot Water
We also have on display one of our solar panel units along with the heat pump and evacuated tube hot water systems.
Industry Expert on hand for Smart Advice at Agfest
Grant Chugg himself who is an expert with over 20 years in the industry is there on site to give you the VERY best advice on which system would best suit your needs.
My Build Home Design and Construction
Also if you are considering a major renovation or thinking about building then drop in and have a chat with My Build. With an expert team of architects, designers, project managers, builder and sub-contractors, My Build can really give you the very best advice on home design and construction.

Check out My Build’s website:

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Team of Experts at Agfest
With such a team of experts on hand at Agfest you really should make sure that you take […]

Skylights Launceston Winter

Winter Blues
Don’t let the darkness of winter bring your mood down. Shorter days and less sunlight can have adverse effects on your health and worsen symptoms of depression.

Effects of shorter days and less light may include:

Sleeping too much
Feeling extreme fatigue
Gaining of weight
Difficulty concentrating

One of the simplest ways you can help ward of the “Winter Blues” is through sunlight with the use of skylights. Increasing the sunlight throughout your home, especially into your bedroom via skylights is very beneficial to your health. As soon as you wake up, for at least half an hour is considered the best time and amount to help ward of the “Winter Blues”.

When there is not enough light your body’s production of serotonin decreases and melatonin (the sleep hormone) increases, causing your body to feel fatigued and in need of sleep.
Skylights are an excellent source of natural sunlight during the winter months, even more so than vertical windows.
Besides the health benefits, skylights can help reduce your heating and lighting costs throughout winter and create a more lively and enjoyable ambiance throughout the home during winter.
Contact A Skylight Specialist
The Smart Living Centre Launceston supplies and installs a wide range of Velux skylights to Launceston and the surrounding areas. One of our skylight specialist can give you expert advice on selecting and installing the appropriate skylights for your lifestyle and home.

Beat the Winter Blues with The Smart Living Centre and Velux skylights this year and contact a Velux skylight specialist today!

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Velux Skylights and Bridestowe Lavender Estate

Heat was the problem, skylights were the solution
Bridestowe lavender Estate is the world’s largest privately owned lavender farm, and one of Tasmania’s most popular tourist destinations. The downside to Bridestowe Lavender Farms popularity is that the large number of visitors was making the heat unbearable.

It reached a point to where the heat was so unbearable visitors were actually fainting!

The heat and U.V rays combined with intense artificial lighting was causing products and stock to deteriorate.

Velux skylights soon came to the rescue. 15 Velux skylights were installed throughout the showroom, café and kitchen areas. Many of Velux skylights open electronically making it extremely easy to allow adequate ventilation with the touch of a button, even on hot days. They also are capable of closing automatically when it rains.

The power savings have been huge thanks to the installation of the Velux skylights. Bridestowe no longer needs to rely on artificial means of lighting and cooling such as fans and airconditioners. Artificial lights were a major heat source and contributed greatly to the deteration of products. Velux skylights block heat and UV rays almost completely, and the products look much better displayed in natural, warm lighting.

The artificial lighting alone was costing Bridestowe $21 a day in power, combined with air condition costs, the savings are quite substantial!
With the installation of Velux skylights, Bridestowe Estate has completely transformed, flooding the spaces with natural light and fresh air thanks to the ventilation.

Even though the Velux skylights are a long term investment, the positive impact is immediate on the business.

Visitors stay longer, products are presented better and don’t deteriote and of course, staff are much happier!
If you are in dire need of a lighting and ventilation solution for your home […]

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Skylights Launceston

The Smart Living Centre’s, Velux skylights Launceston are designed to meet extremely strict Australian standards, preventing heat transfer while still allowing in maximum daylight.

The Smart Living Centre are Launceston’s expert Velux skylight installers. We can help you cut the costs on power bills with Velux skylights. On average, artificial light accounts for 40% of a buildings total energy usage.

With proper design and installation of Velux skylights by The Smart Living Centre Launceston, the costs of skylight installation is often paid back in less than two years. This is because you will be able to cut artificial lighting usage by an average of 70% – 80% of the time!

Contact The Smart Living Centre Velux skylight experts now to find out how we can brighten your life!

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Light & Sophistication

The living room is the central room of the home with many different functions. Here, family and friends gather, read, watch television, play, listen to music and relax. Often the living room is adjoined to the kitchen and its the largest area of a home.

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Light Up Your Life

The kitchen has become one of the most important rooms in a home. In addition to cooking, we have a chance to talk, play and relax in the kitchen, which is often renamed “the family room”. Light can have a dramatic affect on the mood of a room. Imagine the breakfast table basking in Natural Light from above and the whole family gathered together on a Saturday morning.

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Daylight, Morning & Evening

With Velux you can enjoy beautiful, bright sunlit rooms throughout the day, creating relaxing peaceful retreats.

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Velux Skylight Products

Velux is considered the leader in their field. All Velux products meet strict Australian Standards, are designed to prevent heat transfer and have superior light transfer properties.

Grant Chugg Plumbing is a major distributor and the only Velux-trained, qualified installer in northern Tasmania for all Velux Skylight products and services.

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