Evacuated Tubes Solar Hot Water System Launceston

Sunshine not required (well not as much!)
Think you need constant sunny weather for an efficient solar hot water system?

Think again!

The SolarKnight Evacuated tube solar hot water systems are specifically designed for cooler climates and areas where direct sunlight is limited. The Smart Living Centre and Kelvinator SolarKnight offer a much more efficient way to heat your hot water thanks to the evacuated tube solar hot water system technology!

It gets freezing down here in Launceston during winter, but the SolarKnight evacuated tube solar hot water system can handle temperatures down to -15°C. They are suitable for all areas, including frost prone and alpine regions. They are also ideal for applications where good orientation or conditions cannot be gained for traditional solar panel installations.

They can also be used with either gas or electric boosted systems.

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How evacuated solar hot water works
Water is circulated through the evacuated tube solar hot water system using a copper U-shaped design. Sunlight passes through the evacuated tube solar hot water system and and is absorbed by the aluminium nitride selective surface inside which in turn transfers the heat to the water passing through the U tube. The vacuum in the tube minimises heat loss and protects from freezing in heavy frost or alpine areas, ensuring that the evacuated solar hot water system operates in freezing conditions.
Leading edge solar hot water technology
The Kelvinator SolarKnight evacuated tubes solar hot water system work from sunrise to sunset, with the reflector directing even diffused light to the centre of the tube maximising efficiency throughout the day in all weather conditions, even when we get weeks of cloud and rain down here in Launceston!
An environmentally sound solar hot water system
Thanks to the technology of the Kelvinator SolarKnight evacuated tubes solar hot water system you can help […]

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SolarKnight Solar Hot Water Systems Launceston

The Smart Choice
With The Smart Living Centre and Kelvinator SolarKnight solar hot water systems you could be saving anywhere from 50-95%* on your energy bills!

SolarKnight solar hot water systems can be combined with gas or electric to provide a boost for your hot water systems when it’s just not sunny enough.

*In accordance with ORER registration data
How Do Solar Hot Water Collectors Work?
As water travels through copper channels it is heated by the sun and then returns to a tank. The water will continue to heat throughout the solar hot water system while there’s a lot of sunlight present, or until the hot water tank is full. In the event that the weather isn’t clear enough, electric or gas boosters kick in – ensuring you have enough hot water in any weather!
Flat Panels or Evacuated Tubes?
SolarKnight evacuated tubes are extremely efficient, frost resistant and they have minimal heat loss while also handling temperatures of -15°C, so they are a perfectly suited solar hot water system to Tasmania’s harsh climate! SolarKnight evacuated tubes are designed for use and recommended for all areas including frost-prone, alpine, or where the idea orientation of solar panels isn’t possible.
Expert Advice
When choosing the right solar hot water system for your household, you need to consider a few things such as:

The Smart Living Centre’s solar hot water specialists can provide you with obligation free expert advice and help you choose the solar hot water system that’s perfectly suited to your home and lifestyle, be it gas or electric boosted.
Contact Us!
If you would like to chat with one of our solar hot water consultants, or to request a quote please free to visit our show room or contact us via one of the methods below:
 Address: 301 […]

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Agfest 2015

Smart Advice at Agfest
A great two days so far at Agfest! Our expert staff has been really enjoying interacting and giving great advice at Agfest this year.  If you haven’t dropped in yet there’s still a chance to visit our Agfest site on Saturday and have a friendly chat with one of our Smart Living specialists on a range of topics and subjects such as gas and wood heating, solar hot water, Velux skylights, bathroom renovations or anything else related to  Smart Living.
Freezing Agfest Weather
The freezing weather out at Agfest is a reminder of just how cold the Launceston region’s winter can get, so take the opportunity to view some of our Jarrahdale wood heater range, or checkout our gas log heater display! (We don’t mind if you warm up in front of it!)
Solar Panels, Heat and Evacuated Tube Hot Water
We also have on display one of our solar panel units along with the heat pump and evacuated tube hot water systems.
Industry Expert on hand for Smart Advice at Agfest
Grant Chugg himself who is an expert with over 20 years in the industry is there on site to give you the VERY best advice on which system would best suit your needs.
My Build Home Design and Construction
Also if you are considering a major renovation or thinking about building then drop in and have a chat with My Build. With an expert team of architects, designers, project managers, builder and sub-contractors, My Build can really give you the very best advice on home design and construction.

Check out My Build’s website:  www.mybuildhomes.com.au

Click My Build on Facebook
Team of Experts at Agfest
With such a team of experts on hand at Agfest you really should make sure that you take […]

Is your hot water system ready for winter?

It’s getting cold out here in Launceston and the last thing you want to do this winter is hop into a freezing cold shower!

Is your hot water system going to operate efficiently this winter? Is it suitable for your household and lifestyle? Or are you constantly ending up in a cold shower due to other family members?
Hot Water Specialists
The Smart Living Centre has a team of experts that sepcialise in hot water systems of all types including electric, gas and solar. If you’re concerned that your hot water system may not last through the winter, or isn’t able to keep up with your family or lifestyle give us a call for free, friendly advice as to what hot water system would better suit your household.

The correct hot water system tailored to your individual needs has many benefits. Not only will you enjoy hot water every time you hop in the shower, you can also save money and the environment!
All Your Hot Water Needs Covered
The Smart Living Centre has all your hot water system needs covered. Our Solar department can recommend and provides a range of solar hot water solutions in electric, gas or heat pump boosted options. Or if you’d prefer the convenience of gas, we have you covered there too with our Grant Chugg Plumbing Gas department. And of course there’s always an electric hot water option.

There’s really no excuse to put up with icy showers this winter. Call or drop into The Smart Living Centre Launceston for some expert advice on hot water systems, tailored exactly to your family’s needs.

Also make sure to check out and like our Facebook page for any offers or recent news!

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Rinnai Solar Panels Launceston

Rinnai Solar Panels Launceston
The Smart Living Centre Solar now proudly stock Rinnai roof mounted solar panels.
Technically very efficient, economical to install and low maintenance. High performance resulting in high Small Scale Certificates awarded.

Rinnai draws from over 40 years experience in designing and manufacturing hot water systems.
The Rinnai Prestige range of solar hot water systems are built with quality and efficiency in mind.
Close Coupled Systems
A close coupled solar system is where the storage tank and the solar collectors are coupled together
and the installation is on the roof.
Rinnai Prestige close coupled solar systems use the thermo-syphoning principle (i.e. hot water rises
because it is less dense) to circulate the water through the collectors and then to the storage cylinder
without the need to consume energy.
Supplementary heat is available from an electric element or a Rinnai gas booster if insufficient heat is
available from the sun (such as during cloudy or rainy weather or during winter months).
Features and Benefits

To find out how The Smart Living Centre Solar can save you money while you relax in the bath, contact one of our Solar specialists to have a chat about Rinnai Solar Panels! Ph (03) 6326 8780 or head over to our Facebook page to like or leave a message!

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Solar hot water TV Commercial

Solar hot water
The Smart Living Centre Solar Launceston is proud to present their new solar hot water TV commercial announcing our new Kelvinator range of solar hot water systems for Tasmania.

Have you seen it on telly? If not check it out here!

Make sure you contact a Solar Hot Water Specialist to find out how they can save you money today!

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Kelvinator Solar Knight hot water system

The Smart Living Centre is proud to add to their range the Kelvinator Solar Knight hot water system for Launceston and the surrounding areas.Designed specifically for alpine or frost prone climates, just like Tassie!Make the smart choice and call The Smart Living Centre to talk to a Solar Hot water specialist on: 03 63268780

More information coming soon!

Click here for more information on Solar Knight hot water systems.

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We go the extra step…

Just installed a 2-panel ground mount system. We went an extra step and painted the panels the same colour as the clients roof.

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Solar Is Not Finished

Solar is not finished. An Ecosmart solar hot water system can slash your water heating bill by up to 78%. (*Based on E3S16TDC modelled in accordance with…

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Dealer Of The Year!

Grant Ghugg Plumbing Launceston is the Ecosmart Tasmanian State Dealer and has just recently been awarded Australia’s No.1 Dealer of the year. This award was achieved by exceptional customer service, sales exceeding expectation and professional installations to mention a few. Please call 133 326 if you would like any information regarding solar hot water and how you can save money.

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