Wood heater launceston

Wood Heater specifically designed for Australian conditions
The Smart Living Centre is your wood heater Launceston specialist. We proudly stock the Australian Design Award wining range of Jarrahdale wood heaters.  Jarrahdale has been manufacturing wood heaters for over 30 years, and with The Smart Living Centre’s experienced heating team on hand, we can give you the Smart advice as to what wood heater would be best for your home. The Jarrahdale wood heater range is made in Australia, specifically for our local conditions.
Innovative designs
One of the most popular wood heater designs is the Jarrahdale innovative 2-Door, 2-Way wood heater. It is designed to heat two adjoining rooms with a view of the fire from both sides.
A wide range of wood heaters
The Smart Living Centre stocks a wide range of Jarrahdale wood heaters, including radiant, in-built and convection models.
Why Jarrahdale wood heaters?
Some of the reasons why you should consider a Jarrahdale wood heater include:

Speak to a wood heater expert
For more information on The Smart Living Centre’s Jarrahdale wood heater range, head over to our Wood Heater page,

Call us today on: (03) 6326 8780

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Agfest 2015

Smart Advice at Agfest
A great two days so far at Agfest! Our expert staff has been really enjoying interacting and giving great advice at Agfest this year.  If you haven’t dropped in yet there’s still a chance to visit our Agfest site on Saturday and have a friendly chat with one of our Smart Living specialists on a range of topics and subjects such as gas and wood heating, solar hot water, Velux skylights, bathroom renovations or anything else related to  Smart Living.
Freezing Agfest Weather
The freezing weather out at Agfest is a reminder of just how cold the Launceston region’s winter can get, so take the opportunity to view some of our Jarrahdale wood heater range, or checkout our gas log heater display! (We don’t mind if you warm up in front of it!)
Solar Panels, Heat and Evacuated Tube Hot Water
We also have on display one of our solar panel units along with the heat pump and evacuated tube hot water systems.
Industry Expert on hand for Smart Advice at Agfest
Grant Chugg himself who is an expert with over 20 years in the industry is there on site to give you the VERY best advice on which system would best suit your needs.
My Build Home Design and Construction
Also if you are considering a major renovation or thinking about building then drop in and have a chat with My Build. With an expert team of architects, designers, project managers, builder and sub-contractors, My Build can really give you the very best advice on home design and construction.

Check out My Build’s website:  www.mybuildhomes.com.au

Click My Build on Facebook
Team of Experts at Agfest
With such a team of experts on hand at Agfest you really should make sure that you take […]

Gas and Wood Heating Launceston

Which do you prefer?
Which form of heating do you prefer? The ease and sophistication of gas heaters? Or the warm ambient glow of a wood heater? Which ever you prefer, when it comes to Gas and Wood Heating, The Smart Living Centre Launceston has you covered!
A wide range of gas and wood heating
The Smart Living Centre Launceston can supply and fit a wide range of gas and wood heating products. We stock only the best and most trusted brands of heaters such as Rinnai and Jarrahdale wood heaters. The Smart Living Centre has a wood heater to suit your home and budget, from state of the art remote controlled Rinnai gas heaters, to award winning Jarrahdale convection wood heaters.
Smart advice
With such a wide range of heating solutions available for your home on the market these days, it can be hard to know if you are making the smart choice. The Smart Living Centre has gas and wood heating experts on hand that can advice you as to what would be the best and most economical heating solution for your home, tailored to suit your lifestyle and budget perfectly.
Contact us
If you need some smart gas and wood heating advice, or already know what you prefer, then contact one of our friendly gas and wood heating specialists today. Phone, email or drop into The Smart Living Centre Launceston showroom.

Phone: (03) 6326 8780

Email: admin@gcptas.com.au

Showroom Address: 301 Invermay Rd, Invermay Launceston.
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Wood Heater Launceston

Wood Heater Launceston
Don’t let the frost sting you this winter or your power bill for that matter, come and see our Jarrahdale Wood Heater range at The Smart Living Centre Launceston.

We can advise you on the perfect wood heater installation to suit your home and lifestyle. We have a wide range of award winning wood heaters available including Radiant Wood Heaters, Convection Wood Heaters and In-built Wood Heaters.

All Jarrahdale wood heaters are of premium quality, and are manufactured in Australia to suit our freezing Launceston winters. There are nine different sizes of wood heater, and each wood heater comes with a free flue kit.
The Difference Between A Radiant & Convection Wood Heater
When it comes to a wood fire, radiation is emitted from the flames of the fire, which in turn is absorbed by the various surfaces surrounding the fire, which end up becoming warmer as a result. There are no heat shields on a radiant heater.
Convection heat is created when warm air circulates around a room. Wood heaters with convection chambers include an air space that will allow almost constant circulation. As the warm air rises it pushes the cold air into the heater, repeating the process. This cycle creates a flow of warm air throughout the room. It is a longer process than Radiant Heat, but it will eventually create a consistent even heat throughout the entire living space, as opposed to only the areas close to the radiant heater. Jarrahdale convection wood heaters have the option of a two speed fan to help push the heat around the home.
Click Here for our Jarrahdale Wood Heater Page for more information on the Wood Heater Range
For more expert advice and information on wood heating contact the Smart […]

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Wood Heaters Launceston

Nothing quite beats curling up in front the beautiful warm ambience of a roaring wood fire during a freezing Launceston winter night!

The Smart Living Centre Launceston offers a wide range of Australian Design Award winning wood heaters. The Jarrahdale range of wood heaters is perfectly suited to Launceston’s cold winter, and The Smart Living Centre Launceston’s home heating experts can give you excellent advice on wood heaters that would be perfectly suited to your household, be it Radiant Wood Heaters, Convection Wood Heaters or In-Built Wood Heatesr.
Wood Heaters & Their Benefits
Jarrahdale wood heaters offer a lot of benefits such as:

Longer Lasting Heat –wood heaters burn timber, a natural fuel source, slowly and efficiently. This results in a permeating heat, which unlike gas or electric heating, traps and infuses warmth into objects to thoroughly warm the surrounds and extend the heating period to long after the last flame flickers.
Energy Efficient –Wood heaters use natural timber, the only renewable energy source on the planet, to keep you warm. This means they are a more environmentally efficient heating solution.
Cost Efficient –A Convection Wood Heater costs between AUS $1200 – AUS $3,000 to purchase and uses roughly 2.5 tonnes of wood per year to warm a medium sized Australian home during winter. The average cost for this wood is just AUS $450 per year. Wood heaters are an economical choice both in the initial financial outlay and on-going costs.
Clean, Green Burn –Compared to an open fireplace, a convection wood heater creates more heat, uses less fuel and reduces smoke emissions. This is achieved via a secondary air injection system that burns up smoke that would normally go through the chimney. Through this method, no more CO2 is produced […]

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Heating Solutions

With the all the heat from Launceston’s fine summer weather we’ve been enjoying it’s very easy to forget just how cold Tasmanian winters are! With rain, wind, frost, avoid the bite of the Tasmanian winter this year with expert advice from The Smart Living Centre’s Launceston heating experts. We are a local Tasmanian owned company, so we understand just how unforgiving Launceston winters can be and will provide you with expert advice on Launceston heating solutions.
Launceston Heating Solutions Expert Advice
We can give you expert advice as to what Launceston heating solution would best suit your house and lifestyle, and we also fit and install a wide range of heating solutions, from gas all the way to wood fires! So when it comes to Launceston heating solutions, we really have you covered!

Gas Heating Solutions
Grant Chugg Plumbing Gas really are your local Launceston experts when it comes to gas heating solutions. We can fit and install a wide range of gas heating products such as Gas Log Fires, Flued Radiant and Convection heaters and Rinnai Energysaver heaters.

For more information contact The Smart Living Centre Launceston, or head over to our Gas Division webpage: http://gcptas.com.au/grant-chugg-gas-services-launceston/

Wood Heating Solutions
The Smart Living Centre also provide a wide range of Premium, award winning Quality Jarrahdale Wood Heaters with a 10 year firebox guarantee, built and certified to the latest emissions and Australian standards . For more info on the Jarrahdale range, head over to our Jarrahdale Heating page: http://gcptas.com.au/jarrahdale-wood-heaters-launceston/

So avoid being snap frozen this winter and get the jump on old Jack Frost by being prepared early this year and all you will have to do is sit back, relax and snuggle this winter thanks to your local heating experts at The Smart Living Centre Launceston.

Contact us today!

Phone […]

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Wood Heating Accessories

Not only does The Smart Living Centre Launceston stock a wide range of Jarrahdale wood heating solutions, we also stock all your wood heating accessory needs.

Including drop boxes, floor hearths, heater tool kits, flue meshes, wood storage bins, hot water coils, flue gaurds and child safety guards. We can even supply 24ct Gold Doors!

Contact us now at The Smart Living Centre to see how we can keep you and your family warm throughout the cold Tasmanian winter.

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Wide Range

The Smart Living Centre Launceston stocks a wide range of Jarrahdale wood heaters to suit your heating requirements. Including the Premium Convection range, Standard Convection Range and the Radiant Range, The Smart Living Centre has all your heating needs covered!

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Welcome Warmth Home

Jarrahdale Heating has been manufacturing Solid Fuel Wood Heaters for over 30 years. They
are the only manufacturer in WA offering premium quality wood and gas heaters, made to suit your local conditions.
One of their popular designs is the innovative 2-Door 2-Way heater, designed to heat two adjoining rooms with a
view of the fire from both rooms.
Jarrahdale Heating and Cooling manufacture 9 different sizes of wood heaters, including radiant, in-built and
convection models.

Contact, or call in to The Smart Living Centre today for further information on this wonderful heating solution.

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Jarrahdale Heating

The Smart Living Centre Launceston can supply and fit a wide range of Jarrahdale wood heaters to suit any budget and any heating requirements.

Contact us at The Smart Living Centre, or drop by and talk to one of our heating experts.

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