Bathroom Renovations Launceston

From tired and dated, to smart and sophisticated!
The Total Bathroom Renovations Launceston team does it again!
For this recent bathroom renovation project a stylish modern up date to a warn out dated bathroom was required. During the bathroom renovation the old peeling lino and dated tiles were removed and replaced with new dark tiles, to contrast with the crisp white pallet used for the walls, bath splash-back tiles and vanity.

Replacing the timber lining with white walls has really opened the space up, and created the feeling of a larger, cleaner space. The feeling of a larger space has also been enhanced by removing the acrylic shower base and installing a tiled shower floor and clear glass panel instead.

The vanity, bath tub and shower hardware also received a much needed update, ensuring the theme of modern sophistication is carried right throughout the entire bathroom renovation.
Before and After
As you can see from the before and after shots of the bathroom renovation, it’s another great success by the amazing Total Bathroom Renovations Launceston team!

Click on an image below for a closer view:

The Whole Package
When you choose Total Bathroom Renovations Launceston you get the whole package, from project management, to plumbing, to electrical and tiling. We look after you so it’s a rapid and stress free experience leaving you to relax in your brand new, stylish bathroom masterpiece!
Need Help?
If you have a tired and dated bathroom that desperately needs a renovation or updating, contact one of our Total Bathroom Renovations experts at The Smart Living Centre. We can give you obligation free advice.

Phone (03) 6326 8789


Or visit our showroom at 301 Invermay Rd, Invermay Launceston, 7248


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Wood Heater Launceston

Wood Heater Launceston
Don’t let the frost sting you this winter or your power bill for that matter, come and see our Jarrahdale Wood Heater range at The Smart Living Centre Launceston.

We can advise you on the perfect wood heater installation to suit your home and lifestyle. We have a wide range of award winning wood heaters available including Radiant Wood Heaters, Convection Wood Heaters and In-built Wood Heaters.

All Jarrahdale wood heaters are of premium quality, and are manufactured in Australia to suit our freezing Launceston winters. There are nine different sizes of wood heater, and each wood heater comes with a free flue kit.
The Difference Between A Radiant & Convection Wood Heater
When it comes to a wood fire, radiation is emitted from the flames of the fire, which in turn is absorbed by the various surfaces surrounding the fire, which end up becoming warmer as a result. There are no heat shields on a radiant heater.
Convection heat is created when warm air circulates around a room. Wood heaters with convection chambers include an air space that will allow almost constant circulation. As the warm air rises it pushes the cold air into the heater, repeating the process. This cycle creates a flow of warm air throughout the room. It is a longer process than Radiant Heat, but it will eventually create a consistent even heat throughout the entire living space, as opposed to only the areas close to the radiant heater. Jarrahdale convection wood heaters have the option of a two speed fan to help push the heat around the home.
Click Here for our Jarrahdale Wood Heater Page for more information on the Wood Heater Range
For more expert advice and information on wood heating contact the Smart […]

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Plumber Launceston

Plumber Launceston
Plumbing issues? Better call the experts! Grant Chugg Plumbing is your Reliable, Respected and Professional Plumber Launceston!

When it comes to choosing a plumber, Grant Chugg Plumbing Launceston makes the decision easy. With over 20 years experience, our expert plumbers offer a wide range of services such as maintenance, repairs, new home and renovation installations and blocked drain cleaning and repairs.

Grant Chugg Plumbing is your reputable, local Launceston based plumber. We cater for both Commercial and Domestic plumbing.
Commercial/Civic Plumbing

Full service commercial plumbing
Large commercial projects
Civil projects
Fully qualified trades and apprentice team
Projects completed on time and on budget

Domestic Plumbing

Comprehensive plumbing services
Domestic homebuilders and owner/builder plumbing services
Everything from under slab drainage to fit-off
Maintenance plumbing

Plumbing is where The Smart Living Centre started, and we remain the no. 1 go to plumber for all manner of plumbing services.
Contact Grant Chugg Plumbing Launceston now!

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Bathroom Renovations Launceston Complete Makeover

For many a blank canvas can be very intimidating. For Total Bathroom Renovations Launceston we see it as an exciting challenge!
Amazing Transformation
The transformation is amazing! From an empty concrete floored, timber lined lean-to, Total Bathroom Renovations Launceston has created a practical yet modern and stylish bathroom. Thanks to our dedicated team of specialists, ranging from admin staff, plumbers and expert sub-contractors, we do all the hard work meaning you are left with no stress or mess. We look after you from the design stage all the way to completion!
Is Your Bathroom Tired?
If your bathroom is looking a bit tired and needs some updating, or if you need a complete overhaul or even an extra bathroom contact our expert Total Bathroom Renovations Launceston department for obligation free advice on what your bathroom renovation options are, and what kind of designs may best suit your home and lifestyle.
Contact Us!
Contact Total Bathroom Renovations Launceston on (03) 6326 8780 or email us at
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Don’t forget to visit and like our Facebook page for more info on what we do and our current offers!

We believe the bathroom should be a room that is more than function – it should inspire relaxation and renewal.

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Gas Heater Launceston

Comfortable, warm and efficient – a real breath of fresh air.
Energysaver® Heaters
This winter you and your wallet can relax thanks to The Smart Living Centre and the Rinnai Energysaver gas heater range.

The Rinnai Energysaver gas heater range has a minimum energy efficiency rating of a whopping 4.3 stars!
Almost no other forms of heating can compare to the performance of  Rinnai Energysaver gas heater selection which pushes out clean, warm air with zero emissions into the room; ideal for people with allergies or respiratory ailments. The powerful performance of the Energysaver gas heater is achieved thanks to the power flue system which delivers all combustion by products directly outside; ensuring the air inside is kept clean and healthy.

On top of all this, every Energysaver gas heater contains a humidifier tray, ensuring that the humidity rises in the room making it warmer and much more comfortable.
Features and Benefits
> High efficiency rating, reducing your heating costs

> Superior indoor air quality with zero emissions into the room

> Power flue design allows for flexible installation, with multiple options to suit your home

> Full electronic thermostatic control that allows you to select a desired temperature which is then maintained by the heater

> Inbuilt humidifier tray, easy way to humidify indoor air for greater comfort

> Child lock prevents unwanted access

> Available in both Natural Gas and LPG
Energysaver Gas Heater Range

For further information on The Smart Living Centre’s gas heater range, head over to the Grant Chugg Gas Department page. Otherwise please feel free to email or phone a gas heater specialist:
Phone: (03) 6326 8780
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Wood Heaters Launceston

Nothing quite beats curling up in front the beautiful warm ambience of a roaring wood fire during a freezing Launceston winter night!

The Smart Living Centre Launceston offers a wide range of Australian Design Award winning wood heaters. The Jarrahdale range of wood heaters is perfectly suited to Launceston’s cold winter, and The Smart Living Centre Launceston’s home heating experts can give you excellent advice on wood heaters that would be perfectly suited to your household, be it Radiant Wood Heaters, Convection Wood Heaters or In-Built Wood Heatesr.
Wood Heaters & Their Benefits
Jarrahdale wood heaters offer a lot of benefits such as:

Longer Lasting Heat –wood heaters burn timber, a natural fuel source, slowly and efficiently. This results in a permeating heat, which unlike gas or electric heating, traps and infuses warmth into objects to thoroughly warm the surrounds and extend the heating period to long after the last flame flickers.
Energy Efficient –Wood heaters use natural timber, the only renewable energy source on the planet, to keep you warm. This means they are a more environmentally efficient heating solution.
Cost Efficient –A Convection Wood Heater costs between AUS $1200 – AUS $3,000 to purchase and uses roughly 2.5 tonnes of wood per year to warm a medium sized Australian home during winter. The average cost for this wood is just AUS $450 per year. Wood heaters are an economical choice both in the initial financial outlay and on-going costs.
Clean, Green Burn –Compared to an open fireplace, a convection wood heater creates more heat, uses less fuel and reduces smoke emissions. This is achieved via a secondary air injection system that burns up smoke that would normally go through the chimney. Through this method, no more CO2 is produced […]

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Bathroom Renovations Specialists

Total Bathroom Renovations are not just about designing and creating awesomely stylish bathrooms, some of our jobs really make a difference to the everyday life of people who really need it. It’s jobs like these that make you feel great as a bathroom renovator.
It’s about making a difference
For example, here’s one of our recent bathroom renovation transformations. Our client is a war veteran and his old bathroom was beyond repair – dilapidated, broken, cold, barely usable and downright dangerous!  Mouldy, rotten wood, rusty corrugated tin lining the walls, it was definitely not what this digger deserved!
Compelled to design
The Smart Living Centre Launceston’s, Total Bathroom Renovations department were compelled to design and build a bathroom that would help this veteran have as comfortable a life as possible, a bathroom that was warm, easy to clean and bright. Most of all it had to be designed and tailored exactly to our clients health needs, having suffered from a stroke, mobility was a major issue so the bathroom had to be very easy to use and clean.
Going beyond
Total Bathroom Renovations Launceston are very proud to have designed a bathroom that doesn’t just go beyond meeting the requirements, in both quality and design; but really makes a difference to the clients life.

The photos speak for themselves.

“…Makes you feel pretty good when you complete such a job for a war vet who truly deserves it.”  -John Green, Total Bathroom Renovations Project Manager.

If you know of anyone who desperately needs a bathroom renovation, give us a call or contact us via email, our Facebook page or call in to our showroom at 301 Invermay Rd, Launceston.

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Frozen Pipes

While our kids (and maybe a few of us adults too…) may have enjoyed the movie Frozen, I’m sure we ALL hate frozen pipes! As the cold weather of winter approaches it’s a good time to have your plumbing checked out for any leaks, possible weak points and areas that may need insulation to prevent frozen pipes. During winter as the weather gets colder water can freeze, and when water freezes it expands. This expansion places a huge amount of pressure on plastic and metal pipes which can cause frozen pipes to split and burst. It doesn’t matter how strong the material is, when the water freezes and expands, it can easily split frozen pipes. Even if the pipes don’t burst you still run the risk of leaks at joints. The last thing you want is a massive water leak in the middle of Launceston’s freezing winter!

Frozen Pipes, Costly Damage
Frozen pipes can cause a lot of costly damage to a property. Here are a few tips that may help save you from damage caused by frozen pipes:

During extremely cold weather it’s helpful to allow a slow drip, as moving water is less likely to freeze (keep a container under the drip if you don’t want to waste water!)
Check all exposed plumbing lines and pipes and ensure that they are well insulated, including any hot water pipes.
If you are going away for a short trip or holiday, consider turning water off at the mains so that water is not left sitting in pipes that could potentially freeze while you are absent.
Disconnect and drain hoses and store in your shed when not in use to prevent freezing and cracking of the hose.

Further Advice
For further advice or […]

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Emergency Plumber Easter

Emergency Plumber is on call!
The Smart Living Centre Launceston would like to wish everyone a wonderful and safe Easter!

We all hope you have a great relaxing holiday.
Easter Trading Hours
Our staff will be away until Monday the 14th, and then we will resume our normal trading hours, 8:30am to 5:30pm Mon-Fri.
Emergency Plumber: (03) 6326 8780
There will be an emergency plumber on call for the Easter holiday period available on call 24hours. Our emergency plumber is equipped to deal with all manner of plumbing emergencies during the Easter break. If you have any issues or emergencies please don’t hesitate to call our emergency plumber.

Keep up to date with our Facebook page! Don’t forget to LIKE us!

Enjoy your holidays!

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Skylights Launceston Winter

Winter Blues
Don’t let the darkness of winter bring your mood down. Shorter days and less sunlight can have adverse effects on your health and worsen symptoms of depression.

Effects of shorter days and less light may include:

Sleeping too much
Feeling extreme fatigue
Gaining of weight
Difficulty concentrating

One of the simplest ways you can help ward of the “Winter Blues” is through sunlight with the use of skylights. Increasing the sunlight throughout your home, especially into your bedroom via skylights is very beneficial to your health. As soon as you wake up, for at least half an hour is considered the best time and amount to help ward of the “Winter Blues”.

When there is not enough light your body’s production of serotonin decreases and melatonin (the sleep hormone) increases, causing your body to feel fatigued and in need of sleep.
Skylights are an excellent source of natural sunlight during the winter months, even more so than vertical windows.
Besides the health benefits, skylights can help reduce your heating and lighting costs throughout winter and create a more lively and enjoyable ambiance throughout the home during winter.
Contact A Skylight Specialist
The Smart Living Centre Launceston supplies and installs a wide range of Velux skylights to Launceston and the surrounding areas. One of our skylight specialist can give you expert advice on selecting and installing the appropriate skylights for your lifestyle and home.

Beat the Winter Blues with The Smart Living Centre and Velux skylights this year and contact a Velux skylight specialist today!

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