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The Smart Living Centre hopes you all had a wonderful Launceston Cup day!
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Velux Skylights and Bridestowe Lavender Estate

Heat was the problem, skylights were the solution
Bridestowe lavender Estate is the world’s largest privately owned lavender farm, and one of Tasmania’s most popular tourist destinations. The downside to Bridestowe Lavender Farms popularity is that the large number of visitors was making the heat unbearable.

It reached a point to where the heat was so unbearable visitors were actually fainting!

The heat and U.V rays combined with intense artificial lighting was causing products and stock to deteriorate.

Velux skylights soon came to the rescue. 15 Velux skylights were installed throughout the showroom, café and kitchen areas. Many of Velux skylights open electronically making it extremely easy to allow adequate ventilation with the touch of a button, even on hot days. They also are capable of closing automatically when it rains.

The power savings have been huge thanks to the installation of the Velux skylights. Bridestowe no longer needs to rely on artificial means of lighting and cooling such as fans and airconditioners. Artificial lights were a major heat source and contributed greatly to the deteration of products. Velux skylights block heat and UV rays almost completely, and the products look much better displayed in natural, warm lighting.

The artificial lighting alone was costing Bridestowe $21 a day in power, combined with air condition costs, the savings are quite substantial!
With the installation of Velux skylights, Bridestowe Estate has completely transformed, flooding the spaces with natural light and fresh air thanks to the ventilation.

Even though the Velux skylights are a long term investment, the positive impact is immediate on the business.

Visitors stay longer, products are presented better and don’t deteriote and of course, staff are much happier!
If you are in dire need of a lighting and ventilation solution for your home […]

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Plumbing Emergency Launceston

Plumbing emergencies often happen when you least expect them, at the worst times possible.
When they occur you need someone capable, reliable and able to solve the problem effectively and immediately.
You need Grant Chugg Plumbing from The Smart Living Centre Launceston.
There’s no emergency too big, or too small for our plumbing experts. We service the entire Launceston region and are available on call any hour, any day.
So next time you have a plumbing emergency, call a pluming expert who will look after you.
Grant Chugg Plumbing Emergency Hotline (03) 6326 8780.
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Gas Launceston

The Smart Living Centre Launceston is home to some of the most experienced Gas Fitters in not only Launceston, but all of Australia. Our expert Gas Fitters can handle projects on any scale, from large complex industrial installations; commercial kitchen fit outs all the way down to a simple domestic gas hot water system.

Grant Chugg Plumbing Gas Launceston also service and maintain all manner of gas applications, be it commercial, industrial or domestic.

Some of our domestic and commercial gas services include the installation and servicing of gas heating, gas hot water systems and gas cooking.

Grant Chugg Plumbing Gas Launceston specialise in all aspects of industrial gas installations and are experts in all types of underground gas pipe reticulation including:

Burners (including Type B appliances)
HDPE pipe

Grant Chugg Plumbing Gas Launceston not only services Launceston and Tasmanian industrial gas applications, but also Australia wide.

So if you need to replace your existing hot water system, or you are building or renovating, Grant Chugg Plumbing Gas can supply and fit a system perfected suited to your needs.

Why not give a Smart Living Centre Gas expert a call for friendly no obligation advice on (03) 6326 8780, or visit our Facebook page for more information!



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Another Total Bathroom Renovation Launceston

Desperate for a bathroom renovation?
Often a bathroom may need a little updating. Other times just a bit of a touch up.  Sometimes a bathroom is beyond repair.

This renovation completed recently by our expert team at Total Bathroom Renovation Launceston is an example of the latter, a bathroom beyond repair.

We went in with the goal of creating a clean, sophisticated, warm, modern bathroom. The transformation is amazing. The Total Bathroom Renovation team removed the old decaying bathroom and have replaced it with a truly inviting and relaxing space. The Total Bathroom Renovations Launceston teams attention to detail is unmatched. We strive for perfection in every bathroom we create.

There’s no job too difficult for our expert bathroom renovator team at Total Bathroom Renovations Launceston. The results speak for themselves!

Total Bathroom Renovations Launceston can help you with the entire process, from working out what it is exactly that you need, all the way to completion and everything in between. We manage the entire project so all you have to do is sit back a relax while the magic happens!

If you are in need of a bathroom renovation, be it just a bit of updating or a total bathroom renovation, contact one of our friendly experts at The Smart Living Centre. We will help you turn your bathroom from an unusable cave, into a relaxing haven! Don’t wait any longer! Give us a call now!  (03) 6326 8780

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Rinnai Solar Panels Launceston

Rinnai Solar Panels Launceston
The Smart Living Centre Solar now proudly stock Rinnai roof mounted solar panels.
Technically very efficient, economical to install and low maintenance. High performance resulting in high Small Scale Certificates awarded.

Rinnai draws from over 40 years experience in designing and manufacturing hot water systems.
The Rinnai Prestige range of solar hot water systems are built with quality and efficiency in mind.
Close Coupled Systems
A close coupled solar system is where the storage tank and the solar collectors are coupled together
and the installation is on the roof.
Rinnai Prestige close coupled solar systems use the thermo-syphoning principle (i.e. hot water rises
because it is less dense) to circulate the water through the collectors and then to the storage cylinder
without the need to consume energy.
Supplementary heat is available from an electric element or a Rinnai gas booster if insufficient heat is
available from the sun (such as during cloudy or rainy weather or during winter months).
Features and Benefits

To find out how The Smart Living Centre Solar can save you money while you relax in the bath, contact one of our Solar specialists to have a chat about Rinnai Solar Panels! Ph (03) 6326 8780 or head over to our Facebook page to like or leave a message!

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